Cross-site lookup value for Microsoft Flow (Power Automate)

I have a SharePoint Online list (Modern experience) that has a Plumsail Cross-site lookup field named "Name". I would like to use that field on a Microsoft Power Automate flow, but the "Name" field does not appear on the list of fields that I can select. To overcome this, I tried to use JSON column formatting on my list to assign the value of the "Name" field to the "Title" field; but the only thing that comes up on the "Title" field is "[object Object]". My JSON code is below:

"$schema": "",
"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "[$Name]"


Hello @jramos,

The Cross-Site lookup field is still a lookup field. In Power Automate the lookup fields have ID and Value next to the field name. So you need to search for these values in the list of the available values:


Where Name ID will return the ID of the target item as an integer and Name Value - the displayed value of the lookup field.

Thanks, but I don't see "Name ID" or "Name Value" in Power Automate when I try to create a flow for my list.


Please check the internal name of the field. Open the field settings in List Settings >> Columns, you will see the actual field name in the page URL.


I did and the name of the filed is "Name", but it still does not show up in Power Automate when I try to create a flow for my list.


Could you please share the screenshot of the flow steps and the available dynamic content.


In Dynamic content, you should see all the fields that you have in the list. But even the default ones (for example, Title) are missing.

Have you selected a specific View for the field Limit columns by View?

If yes, please make sure the view you’ve selected contains all columns.

If no, please make sure that you've selected the correct SharePoint and the List, or try to create flow from scratch.

I recreated the flow and specified the list view, but I the lookup field does not appear in the dynamic content section.


Do you have other fields in the list?
Can you see them in the Dynamic Content section?

If not, then the issue is not related to the lookup field. Please contact Microsoft support for help.