Custom Status won't adhere to tickets


Please assist in providing assistance with the following issue:

I have created custom statuses which each providing a pending status to stop the SLA when these statuses are applied.

I have created triggers which assign the tickets internal ticket status name to pending. However when any of these statuses are selected, and the page is refreshed, the status of the ticket then changes to "Required Info".

Please kindly assist.

Suhail Pelwan

Hello, @Suhail

Could you provide me with screenshots of the "Ticket Statuses" list (the columns with internal names and IDs should be visible), of the trigger configuration, of tickets with changed status ("Required Info") and of the list of columns of the "Tickets" list (go to list settings to find it)? Also, please specify what version of HelpDesk you use (its number and whether it's for SP Online or On-Premises).



Please see images as requested.
You will find the custom statuses I have created.
The triggers and the order they are arranged in.
The config of the triggers
The Status of the tickets when a custom status is selected

I don't know how to find the version but we are using an SP Online version

@Suhail, in private messages, I have requested your domain for further research.

Hello, @Suhail

You asked me about making custom statuses compatible with SLA-policies. I reply to you here since it can be useful for others too.

For now, unfortunately, there is no way to make it. Any custom status is considered by SLA policies as the "In progress" one only (can't be recognized like an equal to "Pending").

Thank you for the reply.

Another question:
My organisation requires a "Cancelled" status and should have the following criteria:

  1. This status should stop a SLA
  2. The ticket should fall under a category which closes the ticket
  3. The ticket should remain closed and not be reopened

How do I create this?

Unfortunately, for now, custom statuses can't affect SLA policies. I would advise you to create an additional tag/category for tickets or a new field (e.g. "Status Definition") where you can choose the "Cancelled" value while main status will be set to "Solved." The latter will stop SLA policies and a ticket will be considered as closed, but still, you have another property (tag, category or custom one) checking which in triggers' conditions you can manage the automation more accurately. Reopening of a ticket can be performed only by a configured trigger. Check in its condition an accordant property to check whether a current ticket is not marked as "Cancelled" and only then reopen. To prevent agents from reopening of such tickets, you also can edit ticket view and exclude them from displaying.