Data Table - predefined save field

I have accidentally let the Plumsail forms to select its predefined column to save data from Data Table:

I need to work now with these data and cannot find this field, or how to access them?
Now, I cannot choose different column for saving data because people have been working on it, and they will not be able to find their selected values - choosing a new column would mean removing the connection between list item and dataTable.
Can you help me with this out?
Thank you

Hello @Stepan,

The designer creates hidden fields by default. You can make it visible programmatically by changing this property:

Here are some examples on how to achieve this with JS:

If you need help with the code, we can offer paid support. Please email us at [email protected] for more details.

Hi @mnikitina ,
can I access it via Plumsail Forms with Javascript?
What I need is - when someone fill in the DataTable with data, after save I want to access this field and save only some data from one column.
I do not need the column to be seen in the list view or in the form.
Thank you, Steo


Could you please describe the whole use case so I could offer the best solution for you.

@mnikitina , Thank you.

  1. People fill in the datatable like this:
    1st Row
  • Name of product
  • Price
  • Quantity

2nd Row

  • Name of product
  • Price
  • Quantity

Always the same - but the data table can hold up to 10 items or more, it does not matter for this case.
After they fill all the data they need in the form, I need to take the first column (all strings) "Name of Product" and save it somewhere, let's say to another field named "Chosen products" and stored products should look like this:
Data field name: Chosen products (multiline of text)
Filled in data - Bread, Eggs, Ham, Spaghetti

Have I described that clearly?
Thank you,


Thank you for more details!

You can save column values as a string to any other field using the code:

fd.spBeforeSave(function(spForm) {
    const product = [];
    fd.control('DataTable1').value.forEach(element =>
    fd.field('Title').value = product.join(', ')
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Perfect! :slight_smile:
It works great.

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