DataTable - Date format while viewing in SharePoint list

Just wondering how I can change the format that SharePoint renders the DataTable when viewing the table in a SharePoint list. My locale/region settings are set correctly and Plumsail has been configured correctly to place the dates in dd/M/yyyy.

When I save the data from the DataTable, it is saved correctly as seen below

But when viewing the table in SharePoint, it shows the date as M/dd/yyyy.

I tried looking through the assets that Plumsail generates to make the forms display correctly in SharePoint, but couldn't pin point where to make the change and further to that, if I do make the change I suspect when I make changes in the Form Designer, it will overwrite the manual change made in SharePoint?

Hello @long.aair,

Thank you for reporting this! Developers confirmed that this is a bug on our side.

I will let you know as soon as the fix is published.

Thank you very much @mnikitina

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Hello @long.aair,

We've just published the fix.

Please update the app package in App Catalog. You can find the latest version of the package in your Plumsail Account.

Remove the previous package file and follow the instructions from this article.

Don't forget to completely clear the browser cache.

Note, the version of the app package hasn't changed.

Awesome thank you so much for letting me know it's fixed!

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