DataTable refresh Error

Hello Plumsail Team

I just have a small question about DataTables in the Forms where i want to achieve a functionality.

I have this DataTable and i have used this code to hide the first 2 columns which show the checkbox and edit button.

What i want to achieve is that when someone adds a new item or refreshes the table these buttons stay hidden but as soon as i enter a new entry or refresh the datatable the buttons appear again.
How can i work around this issue?

function HideControls(){
// Calling hideOrShowGrid when the Aufnahme value changes

// Calling hideOrShowGrid on form loading


Hello @Dario_Chiga,

You can use this code to remove the first two columns from the List or Library control:

fd.control('Control0').ready().then(function(dt) {
    var columns = dt.widget.columns        
        columns: columns

Cool Thank you that works.

Other question.
Is it possible to make some fields uneditable when editing the item.
i want to be able to click on new and then add a new item and only edit the fields "Thema" and "Text".

and then when someone else clicks on the row to edit only one field "Antwort" should be editable.


You can disable specific column when editing control inline using the code:

fd.control('Control0').$on('edit', function(editData) {
    if (editData.formType === 'New') {
        //Set Title field value with the value from the parent
        editData.field('Title').disabled = true;

You can determine whether a new record is created or an existing one is edited by using a condition:

editData.formType === 'Edit'
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Perfect that works just how i want.
Thank you!