Date and Time field (Time format issue)


I am changing Time format for a datetime field like this

fd.field('StartDate').widgetOptions = {
timeFormat: "hh:mm tt"


When I am selecting the time in PM and saving the form, in the list it showing me time in AM. Please see the below image. After saving


Hello @Ramiz,

I couldn't reproduce the issue on my side.

Do you have any other custom code related to the Date field? Do you have flows running on item creation?

Hi @mnikitina

I tried again and same happened. See the attached images. I have these custom code related to the field. And yes I do have a flow running on save.




Please try to comment out all custom code and disable flow. or reproduce the issue in a new list, on a blank form.


I tried in a new list as well. I am facing the same issue. Here is my regional setting of website.


Why do you change the time format using JavaScript and not in the regional settings?

Most likely, the issue to the regional settings and the difference of the user and the server timezones.

Also, what widget version are you using? You can find it in the browser console(F12) >> Source >> Page >>


What version of the designer are you using?

If you are using an outdated version of the widget or designer, please install the latest versions.

Learn how to update the widget here.


In my regional settings, I already put 12 Hour format as shown in image that I shared but still the time format was showing in 24 Hour in plumsail forms.

My Plumsail form shows time in 24 Hour format but when I save, it changes to 12 Hour format in list view. So I thought to change the format using javascript. It changes the format but on saving the time shows on list is wrong as I mentioned above.

How can I make the time to use 12 Hour format in Plumsail form?

And I couldnt find the widget version. Plumsail form version is



I couldn't reproduce the issue on my tenant.

Is it possible to give us temporary access to troubleshoot the issue? Please email us at [email protected]