Default value not showing when opening form

I have created a form based on a list in which I have a lot of number fields who have been set with a default value set.
When opening the NEW form, these default values are not shown. I changed the form fields for these number fields to READONLY TRUE, so a user cannot change the field values.

Any ideas someone?

Hello @FransKluijtmans,

Plumsail Forms do support Fields with Default Values.

I suppose that you've created the form first and then set the field default values. Is that correct?

Please try to remove the field from the form, add it to the form again and re-publish the form.
That should do the trick.

Hello @mnikitina

Just deleted the fields, saved the form and added the field again. Same result. Does not show the default value.
When I open in edit mode it shows the default value.

I then deleted the form completely. Added the two number fields to the empty form. Saved the form, with both fields in edit mode. Default values show and can be edited.

Then I changed one of the fields to read-only, saved the form and for the read-only field the default value is NOT shown. For the editable field the value is shown.


Thank you for the details.

In this case, it is better to use JavaScript code. Please see the sample below.

Paste it to JavaScript editor and it will set the value of the fields on form load.

fd.spRendered(function() {

	fd.field('FieldInternalName').value = '150';

Thanks, updated the Jave accordingly. It now always shows the default values

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