Demo question around SPO forms


We have signed up to Plumsail Forms for SharePoint Online today and are in the trial period.

I have designed a form using the web designer as I'm still waiting for the desktop app to be installed on my laptop by our IT department.

I'm assuming in order to have it published to a SharePoint Online list I will need to use the desktop app? As we want to make sure the forms are accessed inside our SPO tenant rather than visiting a external URL - I'm assuming this is more for public web forms?

We have approximately 20 forms to create that would be accessed from a sharepoint document library or list I assume the best way to store each would be using content types and having a different form for each?

I also logged a ticket but no one has replied to that, I gather you have a low SLA on tickets? or is it higher for paid customers?


Dear @chris.cundy,
Welcome to the community! Strange that you didn't get a reply - we have a 24 hours reply policy in our Helpdesk.

Yes, SharePoint forms can only be designed with the desktop tool. Different Content Types by default have different forms. All SharePoint forms are stored in SharePoint, in Site Pages library for each site.

For how to get started, please, check out the following section (has a video guide) - Installation of Plumsail Forms for SP Online (Office 365)

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Thanks for that.

Can we just design the form without creating the fields in SharePoint list / document library first as we have approximately 20 forms all with varied fields. Each form when saved needs to be saved as PDF and therefore doesn't necessarily need to populate list data but just save a final PDF to a library.

Dear @chris.cundy,
This is up to you, but to generate PDF data needs to somehow reach MS Power Automate.

Two ways to do it:

  1. Use SharePoint columns to store data and retrieve data from it like described in the article above - this will only require an active SharePoint license
  2. Use our Common fields and submit form to flow with our Plumsail Forms connector - this is licensed under Public Web Forms, so you technically don't even need SharePoint forms for this

Choose which one is best for you! You can have both, but if you don't need SharePoint Lists and SharePoint columns (user, lookup, taxonomy, etc.) you might be good with just Public Web Forms subscription

Can the public web forms be branded with our own theming and can we use vanity URL for the public forms?

Dear @chris.cundy,
You can customize Sharing pages to include your logo and colors - Sharing web forms created with Plumsail Forms

Forms also have themes that you can adjust - Themes in Plumsail Forms (public forms)

You can customize CSS to further adjust forms to your brand style, and add Image control on the form.

As for URLs, no options for customization here, I'm afraid. Publishing form to your own site might be the only option here.