Designer Form is Empty


I just deployed a new ticketing system today and wanted to modify the form but the form appears to have nothing on them. what could be the problem? images attached..



Hello, @Ndy

Please try to reconnect to the HelpDesk instance. If forms are still empty, try to import default ticket forms that you can find in a "FormsBackups" folder of an "HD" library (go to a URL https://YOUR_HELPDESK_SITE/HD).

Hello, @e.evseychik

Thanks for your reply, I was able to import all the form, however i am wondering which is of the forms to modify for the ticket. Do I have to modify the three forms?



Yes, you need to choose a form (display, edit or new), import an accordant default form and save it. Then repeat the same regarding the rest of forms (you need to choose and save each form separately). Please check this section of an article on restoring forms.