Different behaviour of same Power Automate Flow


we have a really strange behavoiur of a flow in Power Automate.

It is the same flow, thererfore also the same connection and the same settings.


Sometimes the output is like this (as it should be):

and sometimes like that (the wrong/incomplete outputs):

We are using Plumsail Forms as well.

What kind of further information do you need?


Hello Daniel! Ticket 2141 has an empty "Requester" field that is why it is not included into the output. It may be caused, for example, by deletion of the requester's contact (an item in the "Contacts" list).

Hello @Evgeniy ,

unfortunately the requester field is not empty. The contact exists like the one where the flow is working.

Could you take and share the following screenshots:

  • of the ticket item in the "Tickets" list with the ID, ticket ID and requester fields visible,
  • of the requester's item in the "Contacts" list with ID visible,
  • of a fresh output of the "Get a single ticket" action (run it for the same ticket in a test flow containing only this action)?