Different fields based on category

I am not a Plumsail user but have a general question on the software. Can I have customized fields that change based on the category. So say I have a category of “Software” I have one set of fields but if I have the category of “Hardware” I have another set of fields.

Thanks in advanced

Hi @patricksawyer,

Could you clarify what product do you refer to?

If it is Forms Designer or Plumsail Foms, or forms in Plumsail HelpDesk, then yes.

You can configure forms to display specific set of fields based on some conditions. There are different approaches to achieve this in different products. Please let me know the product name.

I was looking at Plumsail Helpdesk. Sorry for not clarifying, I thought I was in the Plulmsail helpdesk area.
Would I need Forms Designer to modify Plumsail Helpdesk to do this. If you could point me in the right direction I would read up on it myself.

Again, not a current user of any Plumsail products just doing some research at this point for options that fit my requirements.

Yes, you will need Forms Designer. You have to install it separately, but it is included into HelpDesk pricing.

Thanks I wasn’t aware Forms Designer was included. Thanks for the help