Disable controls and fields in tab


I'm wonder if there is better way to disable all controls in TAB except fd.field('name').disable = true; ?
I tried to get them by CSS, but it looks like JQuery $ is not working as expected.
I tried to achieve it using: $('.recepientdetails').prop("disabled", true); in fd.rendered but nothing changed.

The goal is that data from some Tabs will be disabled (not hidden) on some statuses.


Dear @Marcin,
The only way would be to go through all the fields on the form, check their location with jQuery and if they are inside of a tab - disable them.

var $tab = $(fd.container('Tabs1').tabs[1].$el);
var fields = fd.fields();
for(var i = 0; i < fields.length; i++){
  var field = fields[i];
  var $el = $(field.$el);
  if($tab.find($el).length == 1) {
    field.disabled = true;