Disable/Not Allow minus for number fields?

Hi, I've just created and presented a form for a client and they have asked about the number fields not being allowed to go minus, is this possible? I tried setting the Min to 0 but that didn't work, any ideas? Thanks

Dear @Nicola_01,
Should work, I've used the following code:

    fd.field('Number1').widgetOptions = {
       min: 0

Here it is - NumberAbove0

Perfect, thanks as always!!

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov !
Is it possible to set minimum value for multiple number fields (using jquery perhaps)?
This does not work unfortunately.

$(".numberFields").widgetOptions = {min: 0}



So, is it possible?

I use Forms for Sharepoint 2019.

Hello @Janos_Nagy,

Why don't you want to use this code?

    fd.field('Number1').widgetOptions = {
       min: 0

I do use that code, but as I have a lot of number fields on many forms I would have liked to know if it is possible to simplify things and save timeand effort.


You can list all internal names of number fields and change its min property using the code:

var fieldNames = ['Number0', 'Number1', 'Number2'];

    fd.field(n).widgetOptions = {
       min: 0
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