Display multiple recipients in the received message

When messages are sent to these addresses in the CC field, only one recipient is visible to the final recipient in the mail. Is it possible to make sure that all recipients are visible and, accordingly, the answer to this letter was sent to everyone who is indicated in the letter, not one user, but several.

Hello Viktar!

Indeed, when a contact from the CC field receives a notification from HelpDesk, he doesn't see the rest of recipients of the same notification. But when he replies to it, a new comment is added to the ticket. It fires a trigger which sends notifications to all contacts bound with the ticket (requester, assignee, other CC contacts). Otherwise, if a recipient sends a message to all others, they will receive an e-mail message from him and a notification with the same content from HelpDesk since HelpDesk will be among the recipients (it sends notifications). So for now, the current approach allows avoiding of message duplicating.

Is it possible using triggers to implement the addition of the СС recipient to the message body?

You can include in the notification template the following token:

But it will include titles of all CC contacts separated only by semicolon without white-space:

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In this thread. Can we set it up so that the answers of the people indicated in the СС will be private, and will not be available to the sender of the letter?

Yes, it is possible. You have to configure a trigger that will change comment type to private if its author is in CC. The trigger should have high priority ("Order" value) to be performed before sending notifications. But I would advise you the approach described in this article to change comment type to private. A requester can add own contacts to CC when sending a message to your HelpDesk and it is expected that those could be participants of discussion and their comments should be displayed throughout a thread.