Display None and Fields Submitted

I am in the habit of having the Title field hidden and populating it with the information needed to make a useful Title for a list item, so the user has something to click on. Some times that is just the value of one field but sometimes it is several fields combined.

I currently have a form with a couple of required hidden fields (display:none) that seem to get their default values just fined when they are visible (display: block) but are empty when they are hidden and I get the message about required fields.

What should I be doing? Hiding the fields and then showing them in the BeforeSave? It seems like this worked fine before without having to do this?

Hello @smithme,

If the field is added to the form, either it is hidden or disabled, you should be able to set its value.

How do you hiding the fields? With the code or with CSS?

Could you please share the screenshot of the errors from the browser console(F12) and the code that you are using. Seems that the code is broken.

What I normally do is put all of the fields I want to hide into their own grid. I assign a "class" to that grid, and in the CSS I make that grid "display: none;"

I do not get any errors in the console. The form just tells me that the hidden field is required and that it needs a value before I can submit. When I show the fields, then they seem to have their values and the forms submits just fine. Right now what I am doing is in the BeforeSave event, I am changing the the display to block.

I am willing to give you temporary access to the SharePoint to look at it if you want.

Hello @smithme,

Ok, no problem. Please contact us via [email protected] to continue the discussion.