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I'm a new user and I'm trying to hide a sentence. I've tried it inside a table cell and outside.
it's simple. Comments is an array and in theory is [] when empty
If the array is null/empty then display "No Comments Exist"
So I tried...
{{Project.Comments}:hide-block-if(value!=null)} No comments exist (null)
{{Project.Comments}:hide-block-if(count()>0)} No comments exist (count)
I know that within my table of all the comments I can hide the entire table with ...

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @sasrsc,

To hide items from an array, we recommend to use the filter operation instead of the hide-block-if formatter. Hide-block-if should be used only for hiding arbitrary blocks.

Please give it a try.

Best regards,
Plumsail team