Doubt with the configuration wizard of org chart

Hi plumsail team,

One of our clients is concerned about the possible security issues that could be associated with the freedom of adding any javascript code using the option of Custom Javascript at the configuration wizard:

Is there any way to limit the options shown on this configuration wizard or some other way to limit that feature?

Thank you!

Hi @mark ,
The configuration wizard only chows in the edit mode of the SharePoint page. So, I think that the correct way to go here is to manage permission settings in SharePoint. You can give the edit permissions to a few trusted users only to configure the chart.
Unfortunately, we can't hide certain tabs from the configuration wizard.

Hi @v.uspenskii, thank you four your fast response!

Unfortunately that is not a viable option for our client because it's a global app, that could be installed on a lot of sites and it could become unmanageable pretty fast.

Is there any other option (maybe at configuration level or some flag that could be activated somewhere) to disable that feature?

In case of not being able to disable this feature, could you please tell me if modifications on the source code is something your license enable us to do (and if it could have consecuences in terms of support or similar)?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello Mark! Modification of the source code is not allowed and unfortunately, there is no way to restrict access to certain sections of the configuration wizard. If we receive more such requests, we will add this feature to our road-map. For now, I would advise you to try keeping your project manageable by creating a SharePoint page or list where you will store a list of all Org Chart pages with links to them and notes regarding permission settings.