Drag and drop files from Outlook Client App

Hi, in Edge we are able to drag and drop files from Outlook 2016 into a Modern SharePoint document library and the files appear as .msg if email or whatever format the attachment was if an attachment.

Can the same thing be achieved with a SharePoint Library control in a Plumsail form? I appear to get a Unable to get property ‘isDirectory’ of undefined or null reference error when I try this.

Kind regards

Dear Andy,

Yes, it’s possible. Could you please provide the screenshot of the error?

This appears in the console when I drag an email into a library control:

the library control is just standard:

Seems to happen on every library control I try.

Dear Andy,

Please make sure that you use the latest Forms app version and App Catalog (Admin Centers -> SharePoint -> App Catalog) package version. The instruction of how to update the app package is here: https://plumsail.com/docs/forms-sp/general/update-package.html

Hi Alex,

Plumsail Form is on version in our app catalog.

I’m using Plumsail Forms client designer v1.4.3

I did the upgrade of the app catalog yesterday, so I think that is the latest version, but still have the same problem.

Are these correct?

This is great functionality, unfortunately we use Chrome as opposed to Edge, is there any way of getting this to work in Chrome, as having tried it, it doesn’t work??


Hi Tony, I don’t think it works in any other browser, it’s the main reason I’ve switched to Edge, but still seem to have an issue when I try to drag emails into a library control… any update?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for that figured it would be the case, it does only seem to half work in Edge for us, as in attachments seem to be able to be dragged across and work fine but the actual email messages do show the ‘isDirectory’ error as you stated above. I can’t really remember the reason why we opted for Chrome over Edge but this functionality could make us rethink that decision if it can be made to work correctly as very useful!

Guys, thank you for the feedback! I’m not going to say it’s the highest priority for us, but it would be great to see this working in all the browsers, we’ll take a look and see if this can be improved in future versions. No promises yet, but I’ll let you know if there is some actual progress on this front!