Drill down for built in tickets

How can we add drill down information into the built in reporting of the HelpDesk tool?

I’m sorry but it is not clear for me what is your question.

Can you please elaborate?

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Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.

What I am referring to is in the built in reports in the Help Desk tool, none of the reports drill down into details. For example, this is a report of tickets by state.
It would be great if I could click on the the In Progress Bar and get the details of those in progress tickets.
Or another example is Tickets by category, Right now I show each type including no category, but if I could click on the “no category” piece of the pie chart and see which tickets have no category.

So basically drill down reporting info on any/all of the report groupings.

Thanks for clarifying.

To be able to customize the reports page you need Dashboard Designer.
This article explains it a little bit.

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Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.

I own Dashboard designer as well. However when I attempt to edit the page, then click configure on one of the pre-built graphs that came with the Help Desk tool I get an error that the page Im looking for does not exist. I am requesting a feature upgrade that the reports feature a drill down capability similar to the ratings drill down that currently exists.