Duplicate a component in Plumsail Form


I need to duplicate a "Run Details" component in the Plumsail Form by clicking on the "insert Item" (highlighted in yellow). When "insert item" is clicked, another "Run Details" is shown below. Please refer to below:

Before clicking on "insert item":

After clicking on "insert item":

How do I achieve this in code?

Thank you,

Dear @jyou,
The closest we have to this functionality is the List or Library control, where you can add multiple items and edit them via dialog (it's essentially another SharePoint list). These items can then be bound to a single parent item via lookup - Automatically bind items or documents to parent — SharePoint forms

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

I don't want to use a List or Library. Because I can never format a list or library control to look like the "Run Details" component shown above.

Is there another approach I can use with JavaScript?

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Dear @jyou,
Of course, List or Library control wouldn't look quite the same, but it would provide a very similar functionality, and each item can be opened in its own dialog.

The only other alternative is to create many fields which will be hidden on load, and show sections as necessary - this will be highly inefficient though, loading all these fields at once.