Duplicate new tickets


We have setup the helpdesk to create new tickets when staff email our support mailbox. What we noticed sometime the system seems to create new tickets for the same email, even after we have remove the email from the inbox, a couple hours later the system will create a couple of new tickets.

Is there a way to stop this from happening or to flush the system so it stop create new tickets?

Hello, @stefen

Could you specify whether you configured any workflows or flows to process the messages and to create tickets?


No we don't any extra workflow or flow.


I've turned to developers to clarify the case and will reach you out once I get a reply from them.

ok Thank you...

Just to clarify the only thing we got setup on our mailbox is mail forwarding to plumsail email address for creating new tickets.

In the last 4 hours the system has created 11 new tickets

We have found the bug that caused the issue and fixed it. I will notify you when the fix is released.

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HI Evgeniy,

Do you know if the fix has been release? we notice that for the last couple of days it stop but now we are receiving new tickets for that same email


Hello, Stefen. Unfortunately, the fix is not released yet. I will notify you about this - it can take a week or two.

Hello, Stefen. The fix is released so now the duplicating of tickets should stop.

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