Each ticket event is sending multiple messages

Help Desk (O365) is sending multiple messages (ticket status, replies etc) since yesterday. It started with two or three per ticket action. We are now seeing at least 5 +. The messages are general 1-2 minutes apart. It's really tweaking our customers and my staff.

The only difference between now and last week: Our state (MN) is in distance learning mode and under shelter-in-place rules (as are most states).

I suspect the duplicates are resends because plumsail is not getting delivery confirmation, which I imagine is low priority traffic in our current state of overload. Is there a way to limit retries to maybe 1?

Hi @pb_sspps,
Do you still experience a problem with the multiple notifications? Is so, please share your HelpDesk instance URL (you can do this in a private message if you wish so). There might be an issue with the triggers, so we need to exclude this possibility first.