Edit button not going to display form


When you click on the edit button from the display form, the form becomes editable, but the URL remains of display forms. (HRDEF002/Item/DisplayForm.aspx?item=10&c)

and the edit code does not execute. But if you manually change the "DisplayForm.aspx" to "editform.aspx" from the url it works as expected and the edit code executes. How do i solve this problem.

This is the first time we are facing this issue.

Hello @Rinu,

Thank you for reporting the issue!

I passed the information to our developers. As soon as the bug is fixed, I will let you know.

As a workaround, you can configure the forms to open in the panel. When the form is open on the panel, the edit button works accordingly.


Hello @Rinu,

We published a bug fix. Please completely clear the browser cache and check that the 'Edit' button on the Display form redirects to Edit form in a full-screen mode.

Thank you again for reporting the bug and helping us to improve Plumsail Forms!