Edit Form returns 404 error because Display Name of List has changed

I need to ask, can I safely ignore this error in Plumsail Forms?

spform.js:26 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error making HttpClient request in queryable: [404]

is returned to the console when the form loads.

I believe this is because Plumsail Forms is using the lists 'internal name' in the call, however the list name has been changed at the request of the client. Presumably Plumsail Forms is checking to get the list entity information so it can determine the 'type' as the URL is:


This is NOT a call I am making in my custom JS so I presume it's something that Plumsail Forms automatically does upon form load?

The list's display name has since been changed to 'Inspection%20Tracker', therefore this call results in not found error message.

Apart from the message, the form appears to work fine, so I guess I just need confirmation that:

  1. Can this error be safely ignored as my client insists upon the new list's display name.
  2. Could this automatic call be updated behind the scenes to use the list (getBy) ID instead as that will never change?

Kind regards


Hello @abolam,

Do you have lookup fields or List or Library control on the form?

Please remove those fields and controls from the form and check if the error has gone or not.