EditForm Landing Page Problem

I have created an edit form on a list that contains no data beyond the title. The purpose of the page is a landing page to customize the user experience. The page however interdentally fails to load. Any suggestions? I used an edit page because I use Common Fields to set and append filters.

Hello @cwalter2,

What do you mean with 'no data beyond the title'? Do you mean there are no items in the list?

To open the edit form you need to pass list item id in query parameter like this:

Otherwise, you will get an error:

What is the purpose of this form? Why don't you use a new form?

Basically, it is a list with Title as the only column. I open the form correctly selecting the ID I want. The reason for this, is it puts the title on the browser tab. Basically I use the form to organize multiple lists and uses Common drop downs for various filters on one page. Makes it easier for users to navigate and it allows a lot of control over the UI.

Hello @cwalter2,

Thank you for these details!

Are you getting any errors when the form is fails to load in the browser console(F12)? Could you please share the screenshot of the errors and the form.

How do you open the form? Is it embed to the page using Plumsail Web part?

The browser locks up. I navigate directly to the EditForm directly.


This is probably caused by code on the form.

Try commenting out all custom code and check if the problem persists.

Sometimes the form loads without issue and nothing shows in console. I exported the edit form I was going to directly and made it a new form as well. The same behavior happens on the new form when linking directly to it.

@mnikitina ,

I believe I discovered the issue. I had included code localStorage.clear(); because some of the common fields would populate on load. This was hit or miss and that was my initial remedy. I commented that out and clear all common fields on render and I seem to be having more success.

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