Email from Shared Mailbox

Is it possible to email from a shared mailbox using the Send Email w/Attachments (Exchange) or any of the Send email actions? We are successfully using the Sync with Shared Mailbox to retrieve requests into our system. During specific conditions, we would like an email to be sent to a user but would like any replies to that email to go back to the Shared Box.


Hello Shelly,

Unfortunately you can’t send emails from shared mailbox because of permission restrictions.
In next minor release we plan to add additional property “Reply-to” in send email actions.
In this field you will be able to specify email address that will be used when an user will click reply button.

The new version will be available from the first february.

We have added “ReplyTo” property to the folowing workflow actions: Send E-Mail with Attachments (Exchange) and Send E-Mail with Attachments (SMTP).

To use it, please upgrade your WSP package

We have updated our WSP package but cannot find the Reply-To property on the Send Email action. We have cleared the cache in Designer, tried creating new workflows and tried multiple machines. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place for that property? The only options we see are on the attached image.

Thank you for informing us, we will check it.

Hi Shelly,

Please reactivate the feature “Plumsail Workflow Actions Pack” and clean SharePoint Designer cache.