Email keeps 'breaking'

Our helpdesk has the standard set-up that all emails sent to "[email protected]******" automatically generate a ticket, and the sender should get a notification with the ticket number.

Are there a recommended troubleshooting steps for when this stops working? Last week it stopped working.

I changed, recreated, reset the settings, I changed and reverted the 365 password.

After repeating all those steps a few times for an hour or so, it still wasn't working, so I gave up. The next day it was working again.

Recently it stopped working again. What steps can I do to fix this more quickly?

Thanks, Richard

Hi @richard,
In fact, the way to fix it depends on the problem.
As you've correctly pointed out, there are two main ways the email is used with HelpDesk:

  1. to collect tickets;
  2. to send out notifications.

Both of these functions work independently and can break independently )).

  1. If no tickets are created, please check if your email box is actually forwarding the email to the HelpDesk address. Please send a direct email to the helpdesk internal address to see if the tickets are created.

  2. If no notifications are sent, the possible reasons are either trigger failure or SMTP failure. Please test your SMTP settings from the "Email settings" page. If the test completes fine, please see the log of the trigger responsible for notification, by default it's the "Notification: Requester - New ticket" trigger. Please check the last logs and see if the conditions in the triggers are satisfied. If you haven't changed anything on the ticket, chances are, the problem is with the SMTP server. Yet, if the triggers do not work, please send the trigger log and a screenshot of the trigger conditions in a private message (or drop a message to [email protected]). You can collect the logs with this button: