Embed Full Size Images to PDF

This may not be possible but currently I have a list with some image columns. These show as Thumbnails and you click to see full size. This is the same on PDF. I need a way to export with full sized images in the PDF. Is this even possible?

Hello @IT.Joe,

You can add HTML control to the form to display a full size image in PDF.

Add this code to the control:

<img src="" class='img-pdf'>

Use the following code to change the path to the image:

    $('.img-pdf').attr("src", 'https://contoso.sharepoint.com' + fd.field('Field1').value.serverRelativeUrl)

Add this CSS to hide the HTML control on the form and show in PDF:

.img-pdf {
    display: none !Important;
.k-pdf-export .img-pdf {
    display: contents !important;

I added the below HTML control:

Then when I add this to my JS it breaks the rest of the JS. It doesn't seem to like something...

$('.img-pdf').attr("src", 'https://hirschbach.sharepoint.com' + fd.field('CabFrontAttach').value.serverRelativeUrl)


Where have you placed the code? Please share the screenshot of the errors from the browser console.