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Hey All,

I couldn't find any related topics to created my own. Could someone please help with the below:

It only happens when you try and create a HelpDesk Ticket from SharePoint directly. Emailing the HelpDesk mail box works fine.


Hello Lenus! Please follow these steps:

  1. If you don't have the latest version of HelpDesk (2.1.14), update it (Settings > About). Clear the browser cache and check whether it persists.
  2. If the step above didn't help, delete the HelpDesk package from your app catalogue, clear its recycle bin and upload the package again. If you have a Plumsail Forms package there too, perform the same actions for it either or just upload the package. Clear the browser cache and check whether the issue persists.
  3. If it didn't help, try to restore the default ticket forms. If you customised them, open them first in Plumsail Forms and export the custom forms so that you could roll back to them later. Clear the browser cache. If restoring the default forms helped, then it means that the customisation caused the issue.
  4. If none helped, please contact [email protected]. In your message, refer to this topic, describe steps for reproducing the issue and provide us with additional data. After clearing the cache, open HelpDesk site, press F12 and switch to the "Network" tab. Reproduce the issue. Export HAR (a button with the arrow down on the "Network" tab). Switch to the "Console" tab, open a context menu of any record and click on "Save as". Attach the collected data to your message.
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Hey e.evseychik,

Thanks for these steps, I have tried the fiirst one, unfortunatly it did not resolve the issue.

Before I try the 2nd step, I want to know what would happen if I do remove the HelpDesk package? Will it effect the existing SharePoints in any way?

It will affect only the UI of existing HelpDesk sites (navigation panels, opportunity to open ticket forms). It is inconvenient, but nothing crucial. All the data will be safe and processing of the messages and triggers will be continued. Once the package is uploaded again, the UI will be fixed automatically.

Hey e.vseychik,

I applied step 3 and the probleme was resolved.

Thanks for your help.

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