Error when opening a Form made in Plumsail Forms


i have quite a big problem right now as some Forms don't work anymore as they had once.
Everytime i try to open this form it shows "An error has occured. Please check the Broswer Console (F12)"
and in the Browser Console it has multiple error. One from which says "Cross-Site scripting poses Security-Problems." others are "net::Err_Blocked_By_Client" or "net::_ERR_http_response_code_failure" or "No 'Access-Control-Allow-origin'.

Please help me as fast as you can as this is some urgent matter.

Kind regards.

Hello @Dario_Chiga,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of the problem and already working on a fix.

I'll let you know as soon as the update is published.

Thank you.

Maybe i should add that this error started appearing when i implemented the Cross-Site LookUp on our SharePoint Tenant. Don't know if it has anything to do with this.


What SharePoint version are you using?

Are you using Plumsail Forms for modern UI or Forms Designer for classic UI?

Please share the screenshot of all errors in the browser console and the form.

I'm using SharePoint Online in combination with Plumsail Action Pack, Plumsail Forms for modern UI and Cross-Site Look-UP

also this error only happens on Task-Lists. on every other normal list item it works normally when opening the Form. Only when opening a Form which is implemented in a Task List the above mentioned Error appears.

Hello @Dario_Chiga,

The issue is not related to Cross-Site lookup. We've published the fix. Please completely clear the browser cache and test.

Please let me know if the issue in the Task list is resolved.

Regarding the Cross-Site lookup, we've recently added a new Cross-Site lookup control to Plumsail Forms. It allows you to link lists across different sites and it has the same functionality as the default lookup fields. Please see this article for more details:


The Issue is still there. even after clearing the Browser-Cache


Please open the form in the incognito window. Does the error persist?

Yes the same error comes in Incognito Mode

This is a new Error Message that appeared