Erroring logging into + forms broken

Yep, it only takes one outage to take a step and think about those scenarios. That said, Plumsail has been rock solid so I can't be too hard on them. Maybe they will rethink that now.

Frankly speaking we thought it works like that. I can pay even 3x if I had certainty that it won't crash in such cases

I agree, it is rock solid solution, and the support is great! However, when something like this happens and an entire business is down, the pressure is on you.

I've been using their products for probably 12 years without an incident, so though it's easy to question that setup, what's currently in place has worked well. That said, Plumsail seems to take feedback and suggestions seriously so I bet they look at options to minimize future outtages like this.


As someone who used to be Critical Incident for an HA infrastructure (and is now app development), 100% echo the sentiment so far here.

The product itself is great from a developer's perspective and I absolutely wish to continue using it moving forward, but this does show a vulnerability in the method of license verification on the form level.

Personally, I think license checks on new form or form edit are fine in the grand scheme of things, as that is an acceptable vulnerability for the rare occasion like this, but the already deployed forms and applications shouldn't have to constantly check when opened. Whether that be a stored token in the SharePoint repository or removing it all together on the form level is another question, but either would allow Business as Usual to continue even in a critical outage, but still leave enough control as to not undermine the licensing entirely.

Obviously, that's just my unsolicited two cents though. Keeping ears open for updates and good luck to the support team in finding a solution! :slight_smile:

Dear everyone,
The current issue is that Microsoft has blocked our main account due to a phishing report on one of our public web forms. The phishing issue was known, and we were taking measures to combat it, but it seems that Microsoft has taken matters into its own hands.

Unfortunately, all of our services were deeply integrated with the main account, and we didn't expect it to be completely blocked with no warning. We're currently transferring services to our reserve accounts (this will take time), and we're also contacting Microsoft's support to resolve the matter with the main account. As soon as there is any progress - we'll let you know!

If you can, please, contact Microsoft on this matter - this might speed up the process!

You can ask to re-evaluate and enable our Azure subscription as it contains business critical services: 92bdd511-0d24-49e1-a22f-21613cb66249

Azure Support Request ID:

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What info can we give them?

Just updated it above! Thank you!

Dear everyone,
SharePoint Forms should now be available! We're working on bringing public web forms up as well!

Looks like no status change for us. still erroring, forms not loading, support tickets page has spinning cursor.

Is this issue also affecting Documents?
our applications which utilize the Plumsail Documents connector in Power Automate has been down most of the day

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Only SharePoint forms running on the clients' sites have been fixed - we're working on everything else!

The Documents and the Plumsail Account, as well as public web forms are not yet available.

SP forms on classic are still not working

Not working for us in SPO either. Progress cursor appears, stops, blank space.

Edit: after another refresh, we have an error message now where the form should be:

An error has occured while rendering the form.

Error: Script error for:

Dear @krj,
Are you using Plumsail Forms for SharePoint Online? Forms Designer (classic) is still not available, only modern forms have been fixed at the moment, everything else is in progress.

Do you have any errors in browser's console?

Cross Site Lookups are also having issues, blank page comes up for us...

My org is and this is our current error on form load:

A bunch of 503's in console as well:

Dear @kcitcontract,
Can you try it in Incognito mode? We've changed the DNS records, so it may take some time to provision them everywhere - it might be working for some users, but could still take time to reach you.

We're using forms for SharePoint Online. Our forms pages are coming up mostly blank now, or with the script error I mentioned above. Grabbed this snip from the console when going into edit mode for a page with an embedded Plumsail form web part.