Export Data List to CSV/Excel

Hi all,
I'm wondering if there is any method to export Data List control content to a CSV or Excel file.

Thanks in advance

Might be worth exploring the use of Windows PowerShell to export data to Excel or CSV format.

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Hi @Pedro,

Plumsail Forms only has a method for exporting forms to PDF. Try using a Power Automate flow to create the CSV file similarly to this post.

Thank you @IliaLazarevskii , I'd prefer to do it in javascript and give users the ability to download in the browser.
Is there any Property/Object where I can access to all data in the data list control so I can create my CSV file?


Hi @Pedro,

You can get all data from a DataTable control as an array like this: fd.control('Control1').value. Find more on the topic in this article: Data Table — Plumsail SharePoint Forms Documentation

To create the CSV file, try using this approach: