External Content Types List

Hi Plumsail,

I wanted to ask if it was possible to connect Plumsail Lookup fields to External Content Type SharePoint lists?

The idea is to connect the SharePoint list to our local SQL Server so that the lookup lists contain up-to-date data to prevent a manual update of the lists on a weekly/monthly basis.

Many thanks!

Hello @DryChips,

Unfortunately, the external lists are not supported by the Plumsail Forms app due to technical limitations.

For external lists, you can try our older product, Forms Designer! It's very similar but builds forms for classic UI and supports customization of external lists.

Right, okay.

What do you guys recommend that we use to get around this? What solution do you guys use to solve this issue? We're thinking of using an automation anywhere BOT to update the list.


Not sure I understand your request. What is the use case?


We have lookup fields which feed from a SharePoint list. My question is, how do you automatically refresh the lists so that the lookup fields always have the latest data in the dropdowns?

We currently have to manually delete the list items and then copy and paste the new items to the same list to keep it running.

Surely, you guys have a better solution on keeping the lists refreshed.


Not sure I understand you.

The lookup field drop down must contain the latest data from the source list. Meaning that once you update the item in the source list, you see the update n the from, in the lookup drop down.

Could you please provide more details of this issue. Some screen shots or short video would be very helpful.