False positive for empty required fields with default value

Is anyone else getting false positives for empty fields?

I have ten number fields with a default value of zero. They are all required. The first five always throw and error that the field is empty even though the default value shows. The second five work just fine.

Any ideas?

Hello @smithme,

Is that a default number fields?
How do you see the default values?

Could you please share the code that you are using and the screenshot of the form.

This is a required number field with a default value of zero.
I see the default value when I open a New or Edit form. The value is clearly there but the error reports there is no value in the field. If I type another zero in the field then the form will allow the save.
There is no Javascript code involved. It is just the standard features of a SharePoint list.


Please try to remove the fields from the form, add them again and save the form.

Also, you can use the script to set the default values on form load, e.g.:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    fd.field('NumberField').value = '0';