Fd control ready lookup null

I create a list item. When I open it, I use custom JS to work with some data stored in control Lookup.

fd.spRendered(function (vue) {

$(fd.control("vPodpis")).ready(function () {


Sometimes, it returns an array of objects - stored data are the people from the company, for example:
There are three people selected, so it works great, but...
Sometimes, it returns null, so it becomes unreliable.

I can set Timeout for this JS code, but I think that's not the right way.

If it is necessary, I can send the export of the Display Form.
Thank you for help.

Hello @Stepan,

Try using the Plumsail API for the control, not jQuery:

fd.control('Control1').ready(function(control) {
    // alert selected option as a text string

Hello @mnikitina ,
I tried that, but it does work the same way as my solution above. May I send you the configuration?
Thank you,


What do you mean with 'it does work the same way as my solution above'? Yes, please export the form and attach it to the post.