Feature Requests and Ideas

Unfortunately, functions are not available for trigger actions. You could create a Power Automate flow that starts on item (ticket) modification, checks conditions and then set custom value in the Resolution date. Please note that HelpDesk sets the field automatically on closing a ticket. If you set a custom date before HelpDesk updated the field, it will be overwritten. So you will need either to set a delay in your flow to ensure that the field is not empty or to use a custom column to track resolution dates.

If you need help with configuring such a flow, please create a new topic. But anyway, I will ask developers whether it is possible to support functions in the trigger actions too.

Another good thing would be to delete the signature of a E-Mail comment. Like a identifier "regards,...." or "seincerly...."and delete everything that follows.

Hello Daniel! The signatures often contain some important information that might be useful for agents or other HelpDesk users: name (which is not always recognized by e-mail), division, job title, additional contact data, etc. Could you explain why you would like to get rid of it?

In my case we always get the information of the requester and the one woh is replay by their login-name. So we do not need the signature. Also because there are too many stuff in the signature that will blow up the comment field.

I have passed your suggestion to developers for discussion and will inform you about the results.

Daniel, we will add the requested feature to our roadmap if we receive more such requests from users.

I second this request. Having an option to remove signature blocks will really help keep comments clean. Or just keep signature block on first email then remove all after from same user.