Feedback form workflow

I like the feedback submission when a ticket is resolved through email but is there anyway to use a form to submit feedback through a public form and workflow? We are attempting to have the tickets viewable on a customer web portal and some will not be using email to interact with tickets. We'd still like to collect feedback.

Hello! I have some ideas of how it could be done, but, first, I need to consult with developers (it is not so smooth as I would like) and, second, it is supposed that the widget will be used. But here you told that you are going to refuse from it. Is this the case?

Yes...our management refuses to use the widget on the company portal because it requires 2 sign-in's for the customer, one to the portal and one to the HD Widget. If a single sign on solution is put in place that would solve many problems but for now we are having to create our own sort of Widget to display, comment, create, and close tickets.

Then it has almost nothing to deal with HelpDesk features. You need just to place a link to the public form in your portal, then run a flow on its submission and use the submitted data to update ticket fields you wish. You can update the tickets using either our connector or the SharePoint one.