Field descriptions

When I create a form that is based on SP list, how can add field default descriptions under each field, similarly to the standard SP form?

Dear @ElNa,
Unfortunately, right now the field descriptions are not available in the Forms. You can manually add these as Plain Text/Rich Text controls, for example. We’ll have to research this question further, and if it’s possible, make descriptions available in the future versions!

Hi Nikita, thank you for the explanation. In my opinion, this is a huge limitation of the forms. We put a lot of effort to provide meaningful explanations for the fields, and to have it duplicated in the forms would be a huge minus. Also, how would we handle different languages?

Dear Elena,
I see about the field’s description and understand your concern. We will try our best to bring them to our forms, if it’s indeed possible - we’ll definitely let you know on the progress.

As for different languages/forms, we recommend using Form Sets and routing - you can redirect users depending on their group/user properties to a specific set of forms. This redirection is automatic, you just need to configure it like in the instruction here -

We have the same need, its OOB feature…

We are currently looking for ways to incorporate descriptions to our fields, but it’s already possible to retrieve field’s description with the following code:

//for example:

Currently, you can retrieve field descriptions with JS and attach them to controls, such as Plain/Rich text, for example. Not the most convenient way, but it’s doable. In the future, we’ll make it possible without the use of JavaScript.

I just found out they work on People fields - maybe if you look at that and make sure it applies on all types of fields

At this point JS for descriptions is a bit of too much in my case I have 30 fields …

Dear @siseto,
For now, try adding the following JS, it should automatically add description to fields:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    $.each( fd.spFormCtx.ListSchema, function( property, value ) {
        if (value.Description) {
            var field = value.InternalName;
            var desc = value.Description;
            $(fd.field(field).$el).after( "<p>" + desc + "</p>" );

In the future, you won’t need it, but right now, it should do.


Dear friends,
Field descriptions should now be available for all fields by default, so you won’t need this peace of code anymore.