File name field (FileLeafRef) not rendering

I updated a form this morning and the file name field renders as blank. I had it set as read-only and it used to render a url that opened the file on click. I am able to see the file name in the library view.

Hello @Andre,

Thank you for reporting this!

Developers are looking into the issue. I'll let you know as soon as it is resolved.

Hello @Andre,

We've published a fix. Please completely clear browser cache and check if the file name is displayed.

Hi @mnikitina
I can confirm that the issue has been resolved.
On a side note, I see any reference I previously had to fd.field('FileLeafRef').value must now be changed to fd.field('FileLeafRef').value.BaseName since the value returned is now an object.
Thank you


I'm glad the file name is displayed properly now!

We've recently migrated to modern SharePoint API, most probably this is related.