Fill Requester and Ticket ID with Sharepoint Forms

When I create a custom form with Sharepoint Forms and add it to another Sharepoint Site, it will not fill the Requester Field, Ticket ID and Status like any other ticket submitted. How can I make this happen?

Hello Dustin! Could you clarify each step you did so that I could try reproducing the issue? As I understand, you have two HelpDesk sites. On one site, you customised the existing forms according to this instruction. Then, you exported them and opened the ticket forms for customisation on another site. Next, you imported the forms that are already customised but that did not work. Am I right?

Also, please share the forms files.

So what I had done was use the Plumsail Form Designer and connected to my Tickets list in the Help Desk Site. I created a new Form Set and added the permissions for the user I wanted to test creating tickets with, added the fields I wanted the user to populate. I added the form with the Plumsail Forms webpart on another site for user to create tickets from.

Item_Create Ticket - Users_Edit.xfds (321 Bytes)


Plumsail Forms Designer can be used only for HelpDesk 1.5.10 or earlier, i.e. for the classic UI. If you have version 2.1.x - you need to use Plumsail Forms instead according to this instruction. I tried to check the version you have in logs by the SharePoint domain I sent you in the private message but there are only records on April 6 - and all are the errors about the client secret.

So first, please confirm the domain. If it is right, browse to Settings > About and renew the client secret using the global admin credentials. The login should be in the format [email protected], not [email protected]. The MFA should be disabled, otherwise, use an app password.

Second. I tried to import the provided form and it worked in Forms Designer. In Forms, it is shown as blank. Anyway, in the Forms Designer, I see that the default JS code is removed. It is a crucial part of the form and I would advise you not to delete the default parts, especially code. Thus, determine the version of HelpDesk you have. If it is 1.5.10 or earlier - use Forms Designer. 2.1.x - Forms. I will send you two archives with default forms - for classic and modern UI separately. Open the ticket forms for customisation in the accordant application and restore the default forms using the files from the accordant archive: Forms -, Forms Designer - Save the changes after importing of each form (new, edit, display).

Then, test whether HelpDesk works properly. If it does, please try the customisation again. When creating new forms sets, please use the default forms as a basis. Do not remove the default code and add the fields you need. Save the changes and test how it works on the initial site. If it is alright, export the forms and try to import them for another HelpDesk site. If it does not work, please restore the default forms for it and try to customise its forms manually. Does it work in this case?