Form Alignment - How to create independent columns?


How can I make the bootstrap grid ignore things on one side of it?

What I have is this:

Which displays as this (obviously the video is not the real video that will be there it's just a place holder):

I want to get rid of the space with the red scribble. I want the things on the left side of the form to ignore the size and spacing of the things on the right. Is this easily do able?

I had something similar.

I added a Grid and put the fields in that grid, that gave my Text field the room it needed

As you can see in my screen shot, Priority, Estimated Value and Next Action are in a Grid (with a width of 4) and my Requirements is not in grid (width of 8)

In another form I did two grids next to each other each at Width 6



Thanks very much for this! It's exactly what I needed.