Form Data Remain after Close Child form

Hello Comunity...!
I am seeing some behavior in form,
When i try open child form from list or library control, fill all data and close from right-hand side corner close button (as shown below img) and open the form again i can see all previous data that i fill there.

But, when i close button from form (as shown in below image), form data is gone, not like in above case.

can anyone tell me what is problem in it?
or how can i use the same functionality in both close buttons?


Hello @harshp924,

Thank you for reporting this!

Seems this is a bug on our side. I will let you know once it is fixed.

Hello @harshp924,

We've just published the fix.

Please update the app package in App Catalog. You can find the latest version of the package in your Plumsail Account.

Remove the previous package file and follow the instructions from this article.

Don't forget to completely clear the browser cache.

Note, the version of the app package hasn't changed.

Thanks, @mnikitina................!