Form data storage


As I read other topics, form data for public forms are not stored, but serialized into Flow/Logic Apps. However, URL to uploaded files seems to remain. For example you can access a file submitted by the form using a URL similar to the one below (not real URL)

What is the policy for deleting such content?. Customers care much about GDPR and where data is stored and for how long? I know only people with the URL can access it, but it is stored, so it is a concern. Maybe a Flow/Logic App action could be supplied to delete file content based on the URL. Then the workflow creator could handle it.

Thank you for a nice cool product, we have evaluated and will buy the paid version version soon.

Dear Bent,

We don’t store any information submitted through the Public Web Forms, with the exception of attachments, to allow them to be downloaded. Attachments are stored for 30 days and then they are automatically deleted. For the paid plans, storage can be cleared at any point inside the Plumsail Account.

Hope that your acquaintance with the Forms product will go well! If you need anything - just contact us, we’ll be happy to assist. In any case, let us know how it goes, if the examples are clear to follow or if you need any other information to make the solution work for you.

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