Form Designer on a brand new site and each ticket instance is blank


We have installed a new instance for testing the modern layout before using it in anger.
Problem I have is when I run forms designer to connect so I can start creating the "new" "edit" "display" I get a blank grey form loading and nothing else.
Have tried resets of the form, even copying from another thread " Not seeing HelpDesk UI" and no joy I cannot load the form up.

The page exists in the site and if I import a form from another site it works but the native form on this site doesnt load.

Also is there a way to copy one site to another as I want to create a direct copy of one of our ticket sites and just rename some bits, is there an easy way of doing this?


Hello, @Duncan

Restoring and customisation of modern forms should be done with Plumsail Forms, not Forms Designer. Please try again with the specified application.

Concerning the quesion of site copying. It can be performed with third-party tools like Metalogix, Sharegate, or AvePoint if you want to copy one site collection to another. Copying of subsites inside of one site collection can be achieved by standard tools. After copying of a site, you have to contact us at [email protected] so we could make some records in our database to activate new HelpDesk instance.

Hi I must be going mad sorry.

I am using plumsail forms and just get the blank page!
Here it is below:



Just to clarify the case: you use Plumsail Forms, have downloaded the forms from this reply and tried to import them when editing tickets forms, after you have imported one of those, you still see the blank area, is it right? And you are sure that you connected to the HelpDesk instance with modern UI when started Plumsail Forms, right?

Firstly thanks for the help so far.

We have installed a new instance of helpdesk, it installs (after having some errors on initial install and retrying) and presents the modern UI for the ticketing which is fine.

The system all appears to work fine, the tickets can be created, modified, edited. It doesnt have the historical threads of comments which we can deal with at a later date.
New form on the site:

If I open plumsail forms it doesnt show even the above form details its just totally blank.
Hope that makes sense

Hi guys

Still experiencing the same issue, any idea of a fix or do I just setup a new site and try again?


I am sorry for the delay with answer, Duncan. As in the case of the user from the mentioned topic, there were multiple deployment errors including relating to forms. The easiest way to resolve this is by installing a new instance of HelpDesk. Before installation, I would advise you to check health status of Office 365 services since the deployment errors most likely were caused the ones that occurred last week. Incidents with Office 365 or SharePoint Online can lead to such results. Unfortunately, the wizard doesn't support repair mode, but we added it to our road-map.

Also, if you wish, I could try to restore forms for the current instance if you create a temporary account for me or provide external access, but there is no guarantee that I will not face the same grey space instead of imported ticket form.