Form disappeared

I was working in Design Mode in a form this morning (not changing nor saving anything). Simply looking at the variable names for each field. It suddenly disappeared. I tried refreshing the page and got a blank page. When I went to our form list, it was the only form missing. I don't see anywhere to look in a "trash" or see a way to restore the form. It hasn't changed in a week at least so a backup of it would be fine. Any advice on how to get this form back?

Hello @Charles_Angel,

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Could you please share the link to the form or the form ID. You should be able to find it in the browser history.

We need this part of the URL:

Hello @Charles_Angel,

I'm sorry, we couldn't find the form with this ID.

You may have accidentally deleted it. And as we don't store deleted forms - we can't restore it.

Do y'all do daily or weekly backups? Let's assume it was accidentally deleted yesterday. Could it be located in a previous day's backup? I'm holding out hope


I'm sorry, but we can't restore deleted forms.

Have you exported the form? Please check, maybe you did and have a form template which you can use to restore the form.