Form suddenly stopped working, Javascript error


A form that has been working for a while has suddenly stopped working, with the following error in the console:

spform.js:42 TypeError: Cannot read property 'enable' of null
at s.disabled (571.16d54147ef7afe14…71.js:formatted:519)
at (spform.js:42)
at pn (spform.js:42)
at Array. (spform.js:42)
at Ye (spform.js:42)
qe @ s

This isnt anything on the custom JS side as I have tried removing everything and republishing, and the error still occurs.

I have a SPDataTable (List) on the page, not sure if that is anything to do with it as I know there have been some changes recently?

Can anyone help? As the JS is minified I cant review in more detail to see what the root cause is.

Hello @mrshed,

Which version of SharePoint are you using: online or locally?

Yes, we recently released an update of Plumsail Forms and included new features in List or Library control. Please try to remove the control from the form, add it again and save the form.

If that doesn't help, could you please specify, the page with the form is blank, or are you getting any error on the page?
Does this happen on only one list?

Could you please share a screenshot of the form and errors in the console.

Also, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the desktop application. You can check the app version at the bottom right of the desktop application window.


If you are using SharePoint Online, please check the app version in the console (F12). The latest version is 1.0.7. If the latest version not installed, please follow the instructions on how to Update the app package.