Forms Designer Groups


Hey everyone,

in the old Forms Designer you had the possibility to check if an user is in a specified group or check conditions and then supply different forms. This is not longer possible with Plumsail Forms.
Is there any other way to achieve this functionality? Or does anyone have me an example how you could do this with an easy template?

Further I would like to know if this functionality will be implemented in the future? Does this have priority? Because this was one of our key functionalities.

Thanks for your help!



Dear Josh,

We are currently looking for a best solution for this, but there are a few limitations of Modern UI in the way:

  1. Modern web parts do not support SharePoint audiences, this is very limiting -

  2. We also can’t rely on JavaScript to check user permissions as the user simply might not have the permissions to do so, strangely enough.

What solutions can we offer? Well, the easiest option for now would be to create a new list with the names of all users and then make a request to this list when you open the form. If the name of the current user matches a name in the list, then show all fields. If not, hide some fields. That’s an example, but that should work and unless you have a really large numbers of users, it can be a solution for you.


Okay for this first Form that I have to make urgently your suggestion should work. Maybe with a little bit of luck the next time I have such requirements, you already found a solution for this.

Thanks for your help!


We are happy to announce that the latest version of Plumsail Forms does support redirection based on user’s groups!

Find out more here -