Forwarding from Old HelpDesk to New HelpDesk



We have made a new HelpDesk where we has joined 2 departments which both had there own Helpdesk.

Is it possible to made an forward from the old “plumsail” mail address to the new ones.

I tried with Triggers, but it does not work.



Hello, @CJC

I have tried to configure my own trigger, but it failed to create a new ticket on another HelpDesk site. My trigger is configured like this:

I will ask developers what can be a reason.


I suppose both old HelpDesks have their own E-mail adresses to forward messages from users to the auto-generated Plumsail addresses. So, to create a new ticket on the new HelpDesk site with a new requester comment, just reconfigure those E-mail addresses to forward messages to the auto-generated Plumsail address of the new HelpDesk site.

The trigger does not work because processing messages from other HelpDesks is blocked to prevent endless generation of tickets in the case when a HelpDesk address is added to CC.