Generating tickets report

Hi Guys,

How can it be possible for us to generate tickets report that didn't achieve our 2 hrs SLA ?




I would suggest you the following.

  1. Create a column on the "Tickets" list to store tags if the SLA policy is violated. In my example, it's a single line text column. Configure the SLA policy to set the field to some value, in my case it's "Violated."

  2. Go to the "Reports" page and in edit mode, add a chart using Dashboard Designer.

  3. Configure the newly created chart:

  4. In the "Data Source" tab specify a HelpDes URL, list, its view, field name and the number of row to retrieve. You can configure more complex request in CAML query.

  5. Then go to the "Aggregation" section and configure counting of values in the created field. Click "Process" to get data for further preview rendering.

  6. Go to the "Dashboard" tab, choose its type (in my case it's pie), set the "Category" to "value" (it will use values from the field in the chart legend) and the "Value" to "Count" (it will build the chart on the basis of the quantity of each value). Click "Preview" to render the chart.

  7. The name of the chart can be changed in the "Style" section:

  8. Save the chart and exit from Dashboard Designer.

Find more details on working with Dashboard Designer in documentation.