GEOCODE field not available

I'm new to plumsail forms.
I've downloaded the trial version yesterday, I'm looking at capturing the GEOlocation on the form. I was reading that the field is available. However, I don't have it available in the form editor. I have the desktop editor installed. Is it something I need to enable or is just not available n the trial vr.?

Hello @omelo,

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Location is supported in Plumsail Forms for SharePoint.

You can add a location column in the list, click Add Column and add Location.


In the designer the field will have this icon: image

And in the form the field displayed like this:

Thank you for the prompt response!
Will the GEO code be available on public forms?

Hello @omelo,

Yes, we do have plans to add a location field to Public Forms, but there is no exact release date yet.

Are you considering a paid support? We can switch the priority of tasks and focus on adding the location field. If you are interested, please conduct us via [email protected] for details.

Dear @mnikitina,

I discovered that the "location" field is different from "Geographic" field

Using the location field, you need to enter the name of the country, village or po box number etc., to get a location value.

Using the geographic we have the benefits to see a real map and tag the desired location using Bing Map services or enter the coordinates (longitude and latitude) to get a specific or current location.

In our solution the engineers must enter coordinates (longitude and latitude) for a surveyed location.
using the default Microsoft SP form the features is available. (check the attached pictures)
But using the Plumsail form this type of column isn't compatible

Kindly i need a solution for this.
Thank you

Microsoft form
MS Geolocation 02

MS Geolocation

Plumsail form

Hello @gkhadra,

Geolocation field is not a default SharePoint field and currently, it is not supported in Plumsail Forms.

Are you considering a paid support? We can add the geolocation field to Plumsail Forms. If you are interested, please contact us by email: [email protected].